Ivinela's books turned out to be a phenomenon on the Bulgarian book market. 

Her novels have depth and character, touch with their sincerity, spread contagious vitality and are claimed by their readers to work as a therapy – lifting our spirits and inspiring us to look at life as a wondrous adventure.

Ivinela Samuilova was born on April 10th, 1971 in the town of Sevlievo, Bulgaria. She graduated from the University of Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria with Master degree in Theology.
She has many other qualifications: in Journalism and Psychology among others. She speaks English, Spanish and Russian languages.

For some time, Ivinela used to work as a radio journalist in her hometown. In 2005 she moved to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

In order to satisfy her various interests, in 2007 Ivinela founded “Claritas Foundation”, whose main activity currently is to preserve and to promote Bulgaria's unique folk music heritage.

In 2009 Ivinela wrote her debut novel Life Can Be a Miracle that has brought an unusually optimistic breath of fresh air, as warm as a Balkan summer, to Bulgarian literature. But  Life Can Be a Miracle is 'a book without borders' as it speaks to the universal human spirit. This is the right book for readers who want a fresh take on reality, who do not take themselves too seriously and who would like to explore their own potential and live a more fulfilled and satisfying life, starting from within.

In Bulgaria Ivinela Samuilova is considered to be an influential, original and spirited new voice. Her writing style is easily distinguishable: intelligent, straight, witty, sincere and very refreshing.

The creative searches of Ivinela Samuilova are focused on the inner world of man and his relationship with God, the world and other people.

More information about Ivinela Samuilova's books and excerpts can be found at: http://ivinela.webs.com